Dipchand LLP will expertly identify, secure and leverage your company’s
intellectual capital and intangible assets.

Intellectual PropertyWe recognize and safeguard the value of your intellectual capital.

Intellectual property traditionally includes registrable rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs. However, intellectual capital and intangible business assets extend far beyond these registered rights. They are crucial resources that can set a company apart on both a national and international stage. 

Dipchand LLP specializes in the identification, acquisition, maintenance, management, and enforcement of your intellectual property and intangible assets, whatever the size of your venture.

Through our committed knowledge and experience, you will learn how to recognize and leverage your team’s valuable collective intellectual capital.

Allow us to help you capitalize on
your intellectual property

In this competitive landscape, businesses must leverage their intellectual capital to strengthen their unique advantages. Dipchand LLP can guide your business through the acquisition and maintenance of your registrable rights, along with the identification and management of all your other registrable intellectual capital and intangible assets. Through our interdisciplinary approach to your needs, our services also extend to legal advice and management relating to:


Legal Advice and Management relating to:

  •  License, Royalty, and Technology (transfer or sharing) Rights
  •  Franchise Rights and Relationships
  •  Use Rights – Technology, Patients, Patient Data, Research Assets (cellular and tissue, AI and machine learning platforms)
  •  Independents, Vendor, Supplier Contracts and Relationships
Business Operation

Legal Advice and Management relating to:

  •  Trade Secrets and Know-How
  •  Organizational Culture
  •  Collective Corporate Knowledge
  •  Individual Skills and Knowledge
Brand & Marketing

Legal Advice and Management relating to:

  •  Brand and Organizational Identity
  •  Trademarks and Trade Dress
  •  Domain Names and other New Media Assets
  •  Social Media Content and Followings
  •  Social Media Influencers Relationships
  •  Trade Names, Trade Styles, Service Marks, Collective Marks, Certification Marks
  •  Goodwill
Contracts & Relationships

Legal Advice and Management relating to:

  •  License Rights, Royalty, Technology (transfer or sharing) Contracts
  •  Advertising, Management, Service, Supply Contracts
  •  Property and other Leasehold Interests
  •  Franchise Agreements
  •  Use rights – Property, Data, Drilling, Water, Air, Mineral, Resources
  •  Employees, Independents, Suppliers, Distributors Agreements and Relationships
  •  Restrictive Covenants – Non-competes, Non-solicits, Exclusivity
  •  Customer Contracts, Lists, and Relationships

Legal Advice and Management relating to:

  •  Copyrights and Moral Rights in all types of Works Artistic, Literary, Musical, Performances, Photography, Video
  •  Promotion and Distribution Agreements
  •  Publishing Agreements
  •  Leveraging rights in New Media and Social Media
  •  Influencer Relationship Management

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