Dipchand LLP’s experience in franchise law will guide your venture’s prosperous franchise relationships.

Cultivating Your Venture’s growth

Franchising allows you to cultivate your venture’s growth and spread your brand’s message far and wide. However, franchising is also a very technical, liability-prone endeavour, making Dipchand LLP’s trusted experience critical to your success.

Strength in Relationships

At Dipchand LLP, we have the experience to navigate whatever waters you may encounter. Building a stable franchise relationship requires:

  • Mutual respect & trust
  • Commitment to a common goal
  • Understanding expectations
  • The right franchise culture fit

Our firm’s experience in all related areas of practice – intellectual property, corporate, litigation – ensures that we cover all aspects of your legal affairs. This assurance leaves you free to focus on growth as either a franchisee or a franchisor. Discover the services we can offer you below:

For Franchisors

Dipchand LLP advises franchisors from start to finish on all aspects of their business, providing strategic advice to drive your success including:

  • Growth and Expansion Strategies
  • Franchise Suitability
  • Industry, Market and Area Development
  • Legal Structure, Partnership or Shareholder Relations
  • Trademark and IP Rights
  • Leasing and Property
  • Capital and Financing Strategies
  • Statutory and Regulatory Compliance
  • Effective and Enforceable Franchise Agreement
  • Thorough and Compliant Disclosure Documents
  • Expansion into Canada
  • International Expansion
  • Franchisee Personality, Character, Experience and Skill-Set
  • Franchisee Financial Requirements
  • Franchisee Training and Support Requirements
  • Franchise Legislation Breach
  • Franchisee Termination and Non-compete Enforcement
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Insolvency, Insurance, Leasing, Vicarious liability
  • Franchising vs. Licensing
For Franchisees

Dipchand LLP advises clients looking to establish or acquire a franchise business. Our lawyers are able to provide franchisees with reliable guidance on the complex legal issues related to:

  • Acquisition of Individual Franchised Units
  • Legal Structure, Partnership and/or Corporate Shareholders
  • Industry, Market, and Area Assessment
  • Leasing and Property
  • Franchise Assessment and Evaluation
  • Franchise Agreement Assessment
  • Comprehensive Disclosure Document Assessment
  • Outstanding Litigation Evaluation
  • Employees
  • Minimum Performance Levels
  • Marketing Fund Contributions
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Wishart Act Litigation related to; Duty of Disclosure, Duty to Act in Good Faith, Fair Dealing, Rescission, Misrepresentation

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