Gregory M. Prekupec

  •  Corporate
  •  Franchise
  • 2006 – BA, Western University
  • 2008 – JD, Bond University 
  • 2010 – Called to Law Society of Ontario

Greg’s clients need him when they’re ready to move forward and upwards. His entire strategy is knowing the value of ending a chapter and the opportunities that come with starting a new one. 

Greg serves as a lawyer and strategic adviser who focuses on share and asset deals, mergers, acquisitions, and amalgamations, spanning a wide range of industries. 

Clients can expect continuous and tenacious management of their corporate health and welfare; proudly playing a part in his clients’ growth drives Greg’s passion. While clients prosper from Greg’s collaborative nature, they also rely on him for the kind of unfiltered advice they might not otherwise get from their inner workings.

Complementary to his sought after recommendations is extensive contractual experience that protects and nurtures the critical commercial relationships that drives the growth of his client’s business. 

When Greg isn’t celebrating his clients’ success, you can find him on the golf course with a club in hand.
Canadian Franchise Association

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