Julie Parna

  •  2015 – BA in Criminology and Sociology
  •  2016 – Paralegal Certificate, Durham College
  •  2018 – Law Clerk Certificate, Humber College

Julie is key to our shop’s smooth delivery of legal services to our clients – she also happens to be possibly the most efficient and kindest person you’ll ever meet. 

At Dipchand LLP, Julie supports all aspects of the firm’s practice. She thrives in the firm’s dynamic and inclusive environment, which sees her playing a vital role in corporate and franchising transactions. Additionally, she maintains a thorough understanding of various court levels’ rules and practices.

Before joining Dipchand LLP, she gained experience in small and mid-sized firms which she has since been building on at our shop in the areas of litigation, corporate, and intellectual property. 

Not only does Julie make sure everything runs smoothly for our lawyers, but she also keeps our clients up to date every step of the way. Julie’s role at Dipchand LLP is incredibly essential as her constantly developing skills are crucial to our proficiency. 

The only thing Julie stays on top of more than your legal matters is her true crime podcasts.

Julie Parna
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