Strategy & Insight

Fierce Advocates.

We are tenacious and steadfast advocates who are fiercely protective of our clients. Our strategic approach leverages inventive solutions that promotes and accelerates resolution of disputes.

Our lawyers’ reputation for professionalism and integrity has been hard earned through many years of practice on Bay Street working with clients and counsel on both sides of the table. Relying on our stellar reputation and trust, our lawyers pursue resource-effective solutions to enforce and defend your corporate assets and relationships.

Litigation Practice Areas

Dipchand LLP’s litigation practice focuses on disputes related to intellectual capital and intangible assets in the areas of intellectual property, corporate and franchise law.

  • Patent Disputes – Technology, Biotech/Biopharma
  • Trademark Disputes – Opposition, Infringement & Expungement
  • Copyright Disputes – Authors, Artists, Publishers, Media Creators & Consumers
  • Grey Goods/Anti-counterfeiting, Brand & Personality Rights Enforcement
  • New Media, Domain and Internet Use Disputes
  • Shareholder, Partnership, Investor/Venture Disputes
  • License and Use Rights Disputes
  • Contract Breach and Commercial Disputes – Manufacture, Production, Distribution, Representation, Development, Promotion, Supply, Advertising, Management, Services, Non-competes, Non-solicits, Exclusivity
Business operation
  • Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Documents Disputes
  • Duty of Disclosure, Good Faith & Fair Dealing Breach Allegations
  • Rescission Claims
  • Misrepresentation Allegations
Litigation and franchise disputes
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