Natalia Selvin

  • 2012 – BA in History, Queen’s University
  • The Law Office Management Association (TLMOA) member

Formally her title is Operations Manager, however in practice Natalia is our shop’s cheerful drill sergeant who keeps everything (and everyone!) in line and organized. Whichever way you look at it, Natalia is Elizabeth’s invaluable right hand and responsible for all aspects of Dipchand LLP’s operations, including HR and all things financial.

While keeping her finger on the pulse of firm activities, she also ensures the team has everything they need to provide extraordinary client service. Her organizational skills is built upon a hefty background in law from her time at a prominent Toronto boutique family law firm and her administrative handling of a complex Canada-wide Indigenous class-action lawsuit. 

Our clients can rest assured in knowing that their matters’ success depends on the high caliber of operational support from Natalia. 

When she’s not busy being the glue that keeps Dipchand LLP together, she’s walking her big fluffy dog, doing barre classes, puzzling, and dreaming about her next trip.

Natalia Graham Dipchand LLP

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