Firm UpdatesCelebrating a Milestone: Rahul Gupta Called to the Bar

June 28, 2024

Yesterday, Dipchand LLP had the pleasure of celebrating a significant milestone for one of our own—Rahul Gupta was called to the bar. As our newest corporate associate, Rahul brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge to our firm. To mark this special occasion, we sat down with Rahul to discuss his journey into corporate law, his aspirations, and the unique insights he brings to our team.

Journey to Corporate Law

Q: What led you to pursue a career in corporate law? Can you share a bit about your journey to becoming a lawyer and specializing in this field?

A: I have always been interested in how money is invested and how that can impact our daily lives. The coffee shop near your house is not just a coffee shop but is an investment that those business owner(s) made to realize a profit. At the same time, I also wanted to explore the social sciences and how I can have an impact.

Law emerged as the perfect fit. So, I positioned myself in the best possible way to be able to go to law school. I studied political science at the University of Toronto Mississauga and then I did a Masters of Arts in the same subject at the University of Toronto – St. George. I ultimately was accepted as part of the inaugural cohort at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University where, throughout, I tried to gain as much transactional experience as I could.

Joining Dipchand LLP

Q: What attracted you to join our law firm, particularly in the context of corporate law? How do you envision contributing to our firm’s corporate practice?

A: I actually first reached out to Dipchand LLP when I had just finished my second year of law school. What drew me to the firm was the ability to work in a close-knit team environment while being with fun people. I also was very much interested in the autonomy that is given to associates to develop business, which is how I plan on adding value to the firm’s corporate team. Specifically, I would love to expand the relationships we have with brokers and potentially expand our service offerings.

Expectations and Aspirations

Q: As you begin your career as a corporate lawyer, what aspects of the profession are you most excited about?

A: So many things! I have realized I love sharing the knowledge I have gained with students and even those ahead of me on best practices. I also love drafting, so being able to prepare documents in plain English excites me.

Q: Are there specific types of corporate transactions or legal matters that you are eager to work on?

A: Right now, I’m really enjoying share-based transactions. But one day, it would be cool to work on venture deals.

Professional Growth

Q: How do you plan to continue developing your expertise in corporate law now that you’ve been called to the bar?

A: I look forward to writing blogs for the firm’s website because it allows me to think of unique angles to think of transactions with. At the same time, keeping up-to-date with major transactions across the world helps me understand market trends.

Q: Are there any particular skills or knowledge areas you aim to enhance as you progress in your career?

A: All of them! But, learning how to lead deals is the next step for me and then being able to delegate tasks. I also want to find a way to balance doing the actual work, business development, and professional development.

Advice for Aspiring Corporate Lawyers

Q: What advice would you give to law students or aspiring corporate lawyers who are looking to follow a similar career path?

A: If you are truly interested in something, try to get involved as soon as you can. This can be something as simple as reading business news/major transactions, networking with lawyers in the areas of law you’re interested in, or gaining experience however you can. But, it’s important to remember that, no matter how cool our jobs as lawyers are, we are all human! Take care of yourself, don’t take anything personally, and you’ll do great.

Personal Insights

Q: Outside of your legal career, what are your interests or hobbies that you believe contribute to your success as a corporate lawyer?

A: As part of a new year resolution, I started reading which helps me gain stamina for when I have to go through “mega-agreements.” I also try to workout everyday which helps me stay calm when things go sideways.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our clients and followers as you embark on your journey as a corporate lawyer?

A: I’m very excited to work with the folks at Dipchand LLP! It’s amazing to see how aligned we all are in so many different areas in life which makes for an effective team.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates as Rahul embarks on his journey with us. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to the great contributions he will make to our corporate practice.

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