We’re Social.

Our shop is exceedingly pleased to not only share our new site with the world at Dipchand.com, but also the launch of our Socials where you can further connect, engage, and share with us!

At Dipchand LLP, we view technology and social media platforms as a powerful means to an end – our goal is to consciously connect and engage with people and ventures who share in common values of positivity, diversity, social and intellectual responsibility, and curiosity.

Through Dipchand.com and our Socials, we are excited to share news and information about legal developments and commentary, our client’s industries and anything else we find important, interesting and/or insightful.

We will consciously strive to meaningfully add to the professional, intellectual and social discourse. And we will do our best to hold up our end of the conversation professionally and respectfully.

We strongly encourage you to check out our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and our Social Statement while you’re here. (We’re lawyers. It’s what we do.)

We look forward to keeping in touch!


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